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          Laris Macario has had the honor of playing Henry V at the legendary American Theater of Actors, directed by Broadway legend Mary Lou Rosato. A play he not only starred in but independently produced as well.  He’s been a co-star on shows like Blue Bloods & FBI and played a supporting role in the film Callous on Amazon Prime. 

          The eldest of three children, Laris Macario was born in New York City to Dominican immigrants in the neighborhood of Washington Heights.  After moving to south Florida in his youth, he took to soccer & baseball and later moved on to more intense sports like football & MMA.  Growing up bilingual, he had the distinct privilege of moving seamlessly between his suburban environment and rich Dominican home life. He discovered the stage by secretly taking a drama class whilst in the middle of a football season. To his surprise, his teammates (whom he was convinced would mock him relentlessly) turned out to be his biggest supporters, often requesting he try out his newest performance pieces on them.

          He decided against enlisting in the Marines and chose instead to attend Florida Atlantic University.  After receiving his B.F.A in Theater Performance from F.A.U. he moved back to New York to pursue his career full-time.  He’s had many survival jobs including but not limited to: balloon artist, Bar-Mitzvah dancer, and corporate trainer but none was more meaningful than teaching kids Shakespeare in the ghetto.  He went from being cursed out by students in the first week to them buying Shakespeare plays & books with their own money by year’s end.  He’ll miss those kids at P.S. 108, they’ll live in his heart forever.

          As an actor he seeks to bring back the Swords & Sandals epics of old.  He believes that his classical training, athleticism and charisma make him a shoe-in to head the next generation of Hollywood leading men.

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