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Dramatic Film Clip- The Nefarious Frat King

Leo Lumpkins

Dramatic Film Clip- The Overbearing Husband (Spanish)


Comedic Film Clip- The Appalled Best Friend (Spanglish)


Bellow are clips from the award winning film "Callous". 2011 winner of the "Best Florida Feature" at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.  Enjoy!

"It’s hard to single anyone out in a brilliant ensemble cast but noteworthy performers, include Steve Darren & Laris Macario." 


-Indie Film Spotlight

Dramatic Film Clip- The Corrupt Mechanic


Dramatic Film Clip- The Benevolent Gym Rat


The Secret Life of Sofiare. It's easy.

Comedic Film Clip- The Meathead Matchmaker


The Secret Life of Sofía

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