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*World Premiere @ The Jersey City Theater Center

Subprime is set in the summer of 2008 when hints of an impending financial meltdown were being felt but studiously ignored. Subprime introduces us to the Crocker-Kellys and the Swensons, two couples from the well-to-do Linden Hills neighborhood in Minneapolis. On a NYC vacation they cannot afford, during the course of an evening of relaxation in their hotel, the scope of their denial about the state of their finances, their marriages and even their identities comes into sharp focus.

My Other Job

*New York Theatre Festival nomination for Best Play 2017

Winner of the Manhattan Monologue Slam

Performing Marc Antony's Speech "Friends, Romans, Countrymen..." Act iii Scene ii

Take Me Out at Rising Action Theater

"Macario hits a home run in his steady performance, boasting the God-like stature and disposition needed at the start to convey his characters beyond mortal abilities."

-The South Florida Blade

Darren Lemming is played by handsome Laris Macario. He has enough confidence and charm to carry the part.

Ticket 2 Eternity 2012 NYC Fringe Festival

With “Ticket 2 Eternity,” Matthew Ethan Davis wants to say something about spirituality, servitude, career happiness, the corrupting pursuit of fame, and living your own life rather than one mapped out by others. And darned if I know what that something is. The show is a dreamscape of scenes about Dan (Laris Macario), who so badly wants to be a waiter that the thought of it drives him into near-orgasm. His spectacularly dysfunctional parents (Adyana de la Torre and Brendan Wahlers), however, want to see him famous.

"Between Riverside and Crazy" by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Performed with Giselle Muñoz for the 2016 Tom Todoroff Acting Studio and Conservatory Showcase.

"Macario’s character range is long, and vulnerable moments show this young stage actor’s versatility and ability to carry a show."


-The South Florida Blade

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